lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

10 Ways To Help Prevent Runway Incursions

1.- See The “Big Picture”
      Monitor both ground and tower communications when possible.

2.- Transmit Clearly
      Make your instructions and read backs complete and easy to understand.

3.- Listen Carefully
     Listen to your clearance.
     Listen to what you read back.
     Do not let communications become automatic.

4.- Copy Clearances
     Clearances can change. Keep a note pad and copy your clearance. If needed
     refer to your notes.

5.- Situational Awarensess
     Know your location.
     If unfamiliar with an airport keep a current airport diagram available for easy

6.- Admit When Lost
     If you get lost on an airport ask ATC for help.
     Better to damager your pride than your airplane.

7.- Sterile Cockpit
      Maintain a sterile cockpit until reaching cruising altitude. Explain to your
      passengers that talking should be kept to a minimum.

8.- Understand Signs, Lights And Markings
     Keep current with airport sings, lights and markings.
     Know what they mean and what action to take.

9.- Never Assume
     Do not take clearances for granted. Look both ways before entering or
     crossing taxiways and runways.

10.- Follow Procedure
       Establish safe procedures for airport operations. Then follow them.

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