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Descent to the MDA or DH and Beyond

Extract from FAA-P-8740-09 AFS-810 (1996)

You can only descend below MDA or DH only if;
1. You are continuously in a position where you can land on the intended runway using a normal rate of descent and normal maneuvers. (14 CFR part 121 and 135 operators must be able to land in the touchdown zone).
2. The flight visibility must be at or above the visibility required to complete the approach. (It remains the pilot’s decision and responsibility to determine the visibility on the approach (14 CFR part 91), part 121 and 135 operations must have visibility reported at locations before commencing the approach.
3. You have at least one of the following in sight:
a. The approach light system, except that you may not descend lower than 100 feet above the touchdown zone elevation, unless the red terminating bars or the red side row bars are clearly visible.
b. The runway threshold.
c. The threshold markings.
d. The threshold lights.
e. The runway end identifier lights (REIL).
f. The VASI.
g. The touchdown zone lights.
h. The touchdown zone lights.
i. The runway or runway markings.
j. The runway lights.

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