jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

The 5 T’s: Turn, Time, Twist, Throttle, Talk

Taught to generations of instrument students, it details the actions to take at various points in an approach or entry into holding. Not all of the T’s will be needed at every point, but running through the list will save you from an embarrassing omission.

·    Turn – turn to the desired heading. You may need to turn to an intercept heading to get on the desired radial or bearing.
·      Time – start your timer, if needed.
·    Twist – twist the OBS to the proper setting, either required radial or the reciprocal to eliminate reverse sensing.
·       Throttle – reduce your airspeed
·       Talk – if asked to report, do so.

Hora, viraje, potencia y llamada que tradicionalmente se practica y emplea en los textos IFR, no se ajusta del todo con las 5Ts.

En lo personal también he incorporado otra T : Thing always wind direction

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