sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2014

ABCD. used for emergency procedures in case of engine failure in a single-engine plane at altitude.

·   A – airspeed. Trim for best glide. In a lot of trainer aircraft, this may be close to full nose-up trim.

·    B – best place to land. Pick out a landing spot and head for it. If you get there and you are high, you can spiral down.

·  C – checklist. If time permits, turn to the emergency section of the checklist to try to restart the engine. Otherwise use a flow method of checking critical items. Primer, boost pump, switch fuel tanks, carb heat or alternate air, mags (try one or the other).

·     D – dialogue. If you are talking to a controller, let them know you have a problem. Otherwise go to 121.5 and tell anyone within reception range that you have a problem. And if time permits, squawk 7700 on your transponder. But above all, fly the airplane. 

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