lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Verificación de Jeppesen

Aporte Piloto Hernán Santibañez

De: ChartSupport <>
Fecha: 25 de agosto de 2014 6:09:19 p.m. GMT-4
Para: Hernán Santibáñez Ruiz <>
Asunto: RE: Las update south america [SR 2670326]
Dear Mr. Ruiz,

Thank you for your question regarding the new airport at La Araucania, Chile (SCQP) and associated airways. The airways will be re-aligned in accordance with Chile AIP Amendment 40-14 in the 12 September 2014 chart revision and navdata cycle 1410, effective 18 September 2014.

We appreciate your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your future questions and concerns.

Best Regards,

Chris Ryan
Navigation Support Specialist
Advanced Navigation and Display Support
A Boeing Company

Hernán Santibáñez Ruiz

23:25 (hace 10 horas)
para ChartSupport
Dear Chris, the last update today dont came with the low airways updated, please take urgent to  make a new update we will be fliying with wrong airways. Check SCQP is in hight airways and not in low airways.

Best regards,

Saludos Cordiales,

Hernán Santibáñez RuizAgente de Aduanas

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