lunes, 15 de junio de 2020

8 Ways To Make Your Flight Lesson More Efficient


A big part of flying is being efficient. Here are 8 things to consider on your next flight...

1) Have a plan

Have an idea of what you need to do on your flight. Developing a plan will keep you on task, and will prevent you from missing something that needs to get done.

2) High work first, low work second

After takeoff, you should perform your high work maneuvers first, like steep turns and stalls. After that, descend and do your low work maneuvers, like ground reference maneuvers. If you need to do emergency procedures for lesson, fit it in during the descent!

3) Weather

This one is pretty self explanatory. If the weather doesn't look good, fly later or earlier. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast helps eliminate the possibility of an incomplete lesson.

4) Consider the wind

Plan your direction of flight so that your return trip will allow you to enter the airport as efficiently as possible. For example, if the wind is from the north, head north for the lesson. Then, you can easily enter a 45 degree angle to the downwind on your way back home.

5) Be prepared

Nothing will hold you back more than lack of preparation. Do your homework before you arrive, and know what you're going to do on your flight.

6) Arrive early

Get a weather briefing, complete weight and balance, performance, as well as preflight. If you're ready to go early, you'll have more time in the air.

7) Develop flows

Get in the habit of memorizing normal checklist procedures. By performing flows, and then verifying them with the checklists, you'll get things done quickly. Think about this: an aircraft that runs at a rate of $180/hour costs you about $3 a minute. That cost adds up quickly, so being efficient is key.

8) Stay ahead of the aircraft

Rule of thumb: if you aren't doing something, you're doing something wrong. Stay ahead of the aircraft during flight. This means maintaining situational awareness, frequencies, checklists, etc.

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