viernes, 26 de junio de 2020

Special FAA Regulations Will Be Extended Past June 30th

By Swayne Martin

The challenges resulting from COVID-19 continue to affect us in the general aviation community. Here's what you should know about policy changes coming soon...

SFAR Background

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how the FAA published a Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) in reaction to COVID-19. It temporarily changed regulations governing medical certificates, BFRs, PIC recency requirements, PIC proficiency checks, SIC qualifications, and more for some pilots.

This 93-page document covers all of the changes in detail. For a full list of requirements and regulation relief, read each relevant section. This SFAR was due to expire on June 30th for most regulations.

Extension Coming Soon

On June 18th FAA Deputy Administrator Daniel Elwell announced in an online General Aviation Safety Town Hall that a rule is in the works to extend (for a second time) airman medical certificates that expired during the coronavirus pandemic. AOPA's President Mark Baker, a panelist during the town hall, stated that SFAR guidance for general aviation is a top policy initiative they're advocating for.

How and when to end the SFAR is a complex issue for the FAA to tackle. They don't want everyone falling under a singular exemption to go non-current or non-legal all on the same day. Yet, the SFAR will have to end at some point. Industry leaders like EAA, AOPA, ALPA, and more will be tasked with planning next-steps with the FAA.

We'll Keep You Updated

Keep an eye out for more updates to come soon. The FAA hasn't finalized their extension deadline yet. When we find out, we'll let you know right away.

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