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What is a Gumps check in aviation?

The GUMPS check is a streamlined, hands-free checklist that pilots can easily memorize. It is designed to be performed following the prior to landing checklist and serves as a double check of the key items on that checklist that can cause critical failures if they are missed.

What does the acronym Gumps stand for?

Acronym Definition

GUMPS Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Prop, Switches (aviation prelanding checklist)

What is BC Gumps?

For instance, if you're flying a plane with carbureted engines, you might run a "C-GUMPS" or "Charlie-GUMPS" check which includes a "C" that stands for carburetor heat. Another common check is "BC-GUMPS," with the extra "B" signaling that the boost pump needs to be turned on.

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