miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2015

Coffin corner

Coffin corner (also known as the aerodynamic ceiling is the altitude at or near which a fast fixed-wing aircraft's stall speed is equal to the critical Mach number, at a given gross weight and G-force loading

At this altitude it is very difficult to keep the airplane in stable flight. Because the stall speed is the minimum speed required to maintain level flight, any reduction in speed will cause the airplane to stall and lose altitude. 

Because the critical Mach number is the maximum speed at which air can travel over the wings without losing lift due to flow separation and shock waves, any increase in speed will cause the airplane to lose lift, or to pitch heavily nose-down, and lose altitude. The "corner" refers to the triangular shape at the top right of a flight envelopechart where the stall speed and critical Mach number lines come together.

Aporte Piloto Diego Jara

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