domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Significado de QRF en el FPL

QRFQuick Reaction Force
QRFQuick Response Force
QRFQuick Response Fund (US reconstructio projects in Iraq)
QRFQualified Rehabilitation Facility
QRFQuotation Request Form (questionnaire; various organizations)
QRFQuick Return Flight (aviation)
QRFQuick Release Fitting
QRFQuarterly Rolling Forecast (finance)
QRFQuality Results Formula (sports teams)
QRFPlace of Return (radiotelegraphy)
QRFQuality Review Form (US FDA)
QRFQuantum Resonance Field

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  1. QRF does not stand for Quick Return Flight. It's a code, not an acronym. As well as WiFi does not stand for "Wireless Fidelity", because it is not an acronym. The Q-CODE lists a bunch of random group of 3 letters, and was developed thinking in TELEGRAPHY, and widely used from 1912 to well entered the sixties.

    Q: Stands for Q-CODE (when ".--" was transmitted the operator receiving it knew the following two letters will be a code that will mean a full sentence).

    R: Stands for part 3 of the code: (1st A-N - Aeronautical / 2nd O-Q - Maritime / 3rd R-U All services / 4th T-Z Ham radio)

    F: Stands for "RETURNING TO".


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