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First IMC Club Chapter in Latin America to Open in Santiago

Santiago, Chile - Pilots will meet in November in Santiago, the capital of Chile to establish the first chapter of the IMC Club International in Latin America. 
IMC Clubs is the brainchild of Radek Wyrzykowski. As a flight instructor in Norwood, Mass., Radek developed a volunteer mentor program to help instrument pilots improve their proficiency, and they loved it. “When the web site launched and offered to help others start local chapters, it took off like a storm", Wyrzykowski says...
Since its inception over two years ago this organization grew from 4 pilots in Norwood, MA to almost 2000 registered members globally.IMC Club, through its worldwide chapters, provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. It’s the only organization of its kind.
The IMC Clubs concept is to bring together IFR-rated pilots who fly in the real-world “actual IMC” and provide them an opportunity to share stories, network with the larger pilot community, and gain valuable insights and tips for their IFR flying.
All stories and scenarios produced by the club for use during chapter meetings are real and based on submission by their members. IMC Club Meetings provide a forum for promoting participation and discussion of IFR flying.
The first meeting of the IMC Club Chile group will be held in November of this year at Aero Club Santiago (www.clubaereosantiago.cl), which is the host of the IMC Club Chapter there. The IMC Club meeting is open to all current, non-current, and future instrument pilots.
At the meeting, prospective members will be given the opportunity to interact with IMC Club founder and President Radek Wyrzykowski.Alejandro Atorre, who is the president of the newly created Club Aéreo de Santiago IMC Club chapter, will open the event on Thursday November 21 at 19:30 at the auditorium of the Aeroclub of Santiago at Aerodrome Eulogio Sanchez Errázuriz/Tobalaba airport.
Alejandro, born in 1969, National Rally Flying (Navigation) Champion since 1999 as navigator, received his pilot license in 1991 at Club Aéreo de Santiago.
He has a single and multi engine instrument rating and is a flight instructor with more than 1900 hours.“I want to say thank you to Alejandro for volunteering his energy and resources and I can’t express enough how excited I am.
By creating these face-to-face social groups, we allow people to learn from one another on the global scale and show that there are no borders when it comes to pilot’s community. We are all members of one brotherhood!” – said Radek WyrzykowskiOpening of the Santiago Chapter brings IMC Club presence to four continents and over 80 chapters in: North America, South America, Europe and Africa - See more at: http://imcclubs.cloverpad.org

Reflexión: Excelente iniciativa que habrá que apoyar.

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  1. "IFR-rated pilots who fly in the real-world “actual IMC”"

    ¿Que opinará el IMC Club de las modificaciones al DAN 92?

    1. Luego del Seminario, les comento algunos pormenores.

      Atte. JMDF


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